Rogue River Trail

So I’ve been living in Beaverton with my friend and her boyfriend. I’m lucky enough to have her as a pal. I found a job with Oracle doing some decent work and it will allow me to take running vacations. I start on the 23rd, 11 days away.

So next up is the Rogue River Trail. I’ll be using a few of my tax refund dollars to fund this trip; outside of fuel, it shouldn’t be expensive. Food is cheap and I already have the backpack I’ll be using.

So what is the Rogue River trail like? It’s a 40-mile trail that follows the Rogue River in southwest Oregon. The forest service offers a nice little guide, available here. Below is an image of just the trail map that I pulled out of the PDF guide. Also here is the page.

Why is the Rogue River Trail special? It’s a trail that offers incredible riverside views along with minimal elevation gain. That means I can run all 40 miles of it relatively easily with Chard. If I depart early in the morning then time shouldn’t really be an issue. I have a variety of camping options if need be. Depending on the weather swimming is an option just about anywhere.


Wildwood Done

Fun time. I had almost no issues, just some mild lower calf cramping. That’s to be expected though. I found a bit of boost at the end which was nice. Chard was Chard which means he had tons of energy left at the end.

I still have the Rogue River Trail to do. I think I’ll be adding the Timberline Trail that goes around Mt. Hood. There are a lot of different routes available for that one.

Wildwood Trail

I will be starting a new job in Hillsboro on April 6th so I’ve got some time to fit in a fun run. I’ve decided to run the entire Wildwood in a few days. It’s 30 or so miles in Forest Park. I figure I can maintain an 11 minute pace so it’ll take me about 5 to 6 and a half hours, maybe? Either way I’ll start sometime in the late morning, get done in the mid afternoon. Chard will be with me so it’ll be a good time.

Alsea Spring Fling Half Marathon

Not a great performance this time around. The 2018 Spring Fling was both my slowest time and lowest finish for this event. I’m attributing that to my new job and my lack of training in 2018.

My time was 2 hours and 9 minutes, my slowest by over 10 minutes. I got 24th overall, 5th in my age group. So not a good showing for me.

On the plus side I had a great time cheering on the ladies. The overall female winner, Lindsey Ulrich, passed me with about 4 miles left and I let her know she was in the lead. She didn’t believe me, she said. With about 3 miles left, and on the last uphill climb when I was pushing through calf cramps, the 2nd place female, Cassi Anderson, caught up to me. I let her know she was in 2nd and only about 2 minutes behind Lindsey. When we crested the hill and began the descent on Bailout I caught back up with Cassi her and told her to keep up. “Lengthen your stride, try to cover more ground with each step” I told her.

I decided to try pounding out my calf cramps by hitting the downhill trails hard. It didn’t really work but it was still pretty fun. I stayed ahead of Cassi for all of the downhill section but she caught me on the final flat section before the finish. She beat me by 3 seconds. The more important thing was she held onto 2nd place by 10 seconds. She thanked me after the race. I’m super glad I could help her out.

Overall I had a great time even though my performance was lackluster. I’ll definitely be back for Hell of the Northwest in October. I hope to see more people out there!

Next race will most likely be the Lost Creek 50k out in Trail in Southern Oregon. I may squeeze in another half before that.

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