So I missed my designated Sunday post deadlines right out of the gate. I’ve just been super busy with my new job and trying to figure crap out.

I’m currently living in Vancouver, Washington. I basically live in Camas and have to commute to Hillsboro. It’s a 45 minute, 30 mile, commute. It sucks but the job is worth it. I build their servers. It’s a fun job with great coworkers.

My running has been suffering. My weekly mileage has taken a pretty steep dive. The drop off has been because of stress and just time. Vancouver isn’t the greatest place to run but it really isn’t bad. Where I’m at is basically outside of town so getting into the wilderness is a quick drive. I just haven’t had the energy or time.

Chard is currently staying with my friends Chris and Ashley at their home in Albany. They have a 5 year old son and a newborn daughter. They also have another dog named Tonka who is a lil shit. He keeps trying to fight with Chard. Chard ain’t about that so it’s basically just been Tonka biting and nipping at Chard. Ashley told me it’s getting better though so that’s good. I think, or at least hope, they’re enjoying having a big derpy dog.

Today is Friday. I’ll be going down to Corvallis tomorrow to hangout at the Mac 50k. It should be fun.