Truck Status and Chard

So the truck is running surprisingly well for being $500.

I still need to do an overall tuneup but it runs and drives great. It does burn a little bit of oil but most cars of it’s age do.  I managed to bend the passenger door back in a good amount using some ratchet straps and leaving it for a couple days.

I’ve purchased or have nearly everything I need for living out of my truck for the winter. I still have a little bit of organizing to do and figuring out how I really prefer things, but overall everything is just about purchased.

Things left would be random bits like a pad just in case I ever have to sleep in the bed of the truck, some more tools, super glue and duct tape. Those types of things. Really I think I might have too many things.

I’m still up in Keller for the Bridge Creek fire. I’ll be here for a while yet. It’s good money though.

I got an interview over hangouts with Aravaipa running to join their team as a part time crew member. I’m eager to work for them and I’m hoping it leads to a full time position pretty quickly. They’re in Arizona so I’d need to save up a good amount of money for rent before I went down there.

We’ll see how this turns out.

In Chard news he ate some edibles and got pretty stoned. I almost took him to the vet, most people probably would have. He was so stoned he was incontinent and pissing in the work trailer. He had a major hard time standing or getting around. He was twitching a bit and stumbling around; his balance was toast. I knew he’d be fine, he’s a 65 lb dog. So he slept it off. Even the next day, today, he was still a little off. I’m hoping this experience might teach him to stop eating random things he finds. We’ll see.

We haven’t quite been running the amount we should have. I think as of writing this it’s been 2 full days off from running, even that was just a short 3 mile speed workout. I need to do a better job on that.